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Group Medical Visits provide medical care and
a team of clinicians who share your health care goals.

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Do you need a Berkshire region medical or dental clinician for yourself or your family? Explore our directory of excellent CHP health care clinicians using the links below.

Community Health Programs maintains rigorous professional standards for its medical, dental, and nursing staff. All CHP clinicians are board-certified and/or licensed in their areas of medical, dental or nursing practice.


Our physicians and nurse practitioners provide the highest quality professional care for you and your family.

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Your oral health and overall health are closely connected. Our dental team provides a wide range of oral health care and education for patients of all ages, including certain emergency dental procedures.

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Your mental health matters as much as your physical health. In fact, emotional, mental and physical well-being go hand in hand. Contact your primary care practice for an appointment.

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At CHP, our nutrition practice team provides dietary and lifestyle counseling to support your health goals. Connect with a nutritionist by calling your primary care practice, so we can help you take the first steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

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