Vaccine Information

CDC vaccination 2024 chart guidelines

The CHP Mobile Health team offers free vaccines for flu and Covid-19. For other vaccines, speak to your CHP clinician.

Check our Mobile Health schedule here and call
413.528.0457 for your appointment.


Science and public health outcomes have proven that vaccines save lives and/or reduce serious illness.

Vaccines for flu, Covid-19, pneumonia, measles, shingles, HPV and other illnesses are key to community public health, the workplace and family wellness.

View the Centers for Disease Control vaccine guidelines HERE.

  • Here is the latest 2023-24 guidance on Covid-19 vaccines

Talk to your CHP health care provider or our Mobile Health team about the benefits of vaccines. We can also help you assess whether any vaccine may pose an adverse reaction based on any underlying health conditions you may have.



  • CHP and non-CHP patients may receive flu and COVID-19 vaccines with our Mobile Health Team. 
  • For other vaccines, contact your CHP primary care clinician.
  • Many area pharmacies also offer vaccines, so check with a pharmacy in your neighborhood to learn more.
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