Get Covered, Stay Covered: CHP is Ready to Assist ACA Consumers During Open Enrollment, Nov. 1-Jan. 23

Oct 18, 2021 | News

William Cruz Open Enrollment Navigator

William Cruz

Beginning Nov. 1, the Open Enrollment season begins for Massachusetts residents covered by ACA health insurance plans.

The Community Health Programs insurance enrollment team is available to assist consumers with questions, plan changes or new enrollments.

Open Enrollment runs through Jan. 23, 2022, but ACA customers are urged to review their plans in November to begin their process and avoid any lapse in coverage.

Octavio Hernandez open enrollment

Octavio Hernandez

Many covered by ACA plans (Affordable Care Act) are automatically re-enrolled in their existing plans. But anyone with questions about coverage or anyone wishing to change plans must do so during this enrollment window to remain covered in 2022.

State residents without insurance, including new residents, may also apply for new coverage.

The CHP insurance enrollment team can assist without charge. It is not necessary to be a CHP patient to use this service.

“We want to help people avoid any lapse in coverage, and to get the best possible coverage,” said William Cruz, lead patient navigator for insurance enrollment at CHP. “We can help anyone who needs assistance.”

L Duryea Patient Navigator Open Enrollment

Leticia Duryea

Cruz notes that the American Rescue Plan provides subsidies for ACA monthly insurance premiums, but that many ACA enrollees are not aware of this extra financial benefit.

Residents covered by ACA insurance plans will be receiving mail reminding them to re-enroll. Renewal and new applications require certain paperwork and updated proof of income, and while this process can be completed online, not all have reliable internet, and the process can seem complicated.

CHP has four patient navigators who can assist area residents with re-enrollments, or new applications. Navigators also help people figure out if the plan they have is adequate for themselves and their family.

Kelly Stevens

Kelly Stevens

Massachusetts state law requires that all residents have insurance or face a state tax penalty. Income eligible residents can receive ACA insurance, for which premium payments are subsidized with government funding.

Patients who receive their health coverage through the Berkshire Fallon Health Collaborative (MassHealth) are not subject to the Open Enrollment season requirements; their coverage can be altered at any time during the year.

Those in need of assistance may contact the CHP insurance enrollment team at email or call (413) 717-6268.

Applicants also have the option of renewing or enrolling online at

CHP’s insurance navigator team is supported by a two-year, $150,000 grant from the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority.

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