The Nutrition Club

The Nutrition Club

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Looking for some easy and delicious cooking inspiration? Our nutrition team has created some delicious recipes using food distributed through the Nutrition Club program. Check it out today!

Looking for some quick, printable recipes?
Click here for a few of our favorites!


“I didn’t know how bad I
really felt until I felt better.”
–A CHP client, after meeting with her nutritionist


A Berkshire Fallon Health Collaborative Program

The Nutrition Club

CHP’s Nutrition Club works to create beneficial and sustainable changes to your and your families’ diets through education and access to nutritious, local foods and weekly recipes to learn how to prepare the foods into delicious meals!

We serve more than 100 people at any given time, working with other CHP and state nutrition programs to increase access to fresh food for pregnant people, new mothers, and people with diabetes or an elevated A1C level.


Nutrition Club offers:

  • Nutrition Education – Learn what foods and portions are right for you. Work with a certified nutritionist, without judgment, on a plan for a healthier you.
  • CSA (Community Supported Agriculture/Farm) shares – Garden-fresh produce and vegetables, grown locally, at no cost to you!
  • Cooking Classes –4 times per year. Take advantage and learn how to cook with that great fresh food, at no cost to you!
  • Vouchers for Infant Formula and Food Packages – Are you on WIC, SNAP, or receive other food benefits?
  • Access to our monthly food pantry – Take advantage of amazing produce, proteins, and more.
  • Transportation Vouchers – Need help getting to SNAP/WIC or nutrition appointments? Just ask!
  • Access to Healthy, Fresh Foods – We will provide a weekly (yes weekly!) basket of food along with a free reusable grocery Nutrition Club bag!!
  • Ongoing monitoring – Know what your A1c and blood sugar levels are.
  • Ongoing support and access to resources that you can take with you.


To be eligible, can have to answer “yes” to the questions:

  1. Are you a member of the Berkshire Fallon Healthcare program?
  2. Are you in need of nutrition education and healthy food options because of high A1C or high-risk pregnancy?
  3. Would you be interested in testing your blood sugar levels to find out how nutrition is affecting your health?

Reach out to join today!

Call (413) 528-0457 or email

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