WEBINAR: Sober Curious? Rethinking Drinking, Building Healthier Habits

Dec 27, 2022 | News

CHP and Rural Recovery present “Sober Curious? Rethinking Drinking, Building Healthier Habits,” a free, online conversation for anyone interested in curbing, quitting, or better understanding their own alcohol use.


Booze Break - AbstananceTerrance “TC” Clarke, FNP, of CHP Lee Family Practice, joins co-hosts Adam Post and Stephanie Holcomb, recovery coaches at Rural Recovery in Great Barrington. Clarke will talk about alcohol’s impact on health and the health benefits of cutting back or quitting. The Rural Recovery team will talk about their wide range of support programs for people in various stages of dependence on alcohol. This talk is welcome to all but is especially focused on the ‘sober curious’ drinker who does not identify as an ‘alcoholic’ but who may have concerns about hard-to-break habits around drinking.

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The webinar’s co-hosts will discuss a variety of ways to quit or reduce drinking, including online tools such as Dry January, various kinds of support groups, one-on-one or small group coaching, podcasts, and books to read. Many of these can stand alone or supplement many 12-step programs available online and in person.

“Booze is easy to get and easy to use, and it’s acceptable as a social ice-breaker or emotional painkiller,” said Gary Pratt, program manager at Rural Recovery.

“But what we hear these days is, ‘Before Covid, I used to have a glass of wine with dinner, and that glass is now a bottle, and I might have a problem.”

Clarke, a CHP family nurse practitioner with an interest in working with patients who have experienced substance abuse, said someone who drinks does not need to have a severe addiction to experience adverse health effects of alcohol use: poor sleep, weight gain, poor nutrition, sluggishness, or depression. Especially in combination with commonly prescribed anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication, alcohol can pose health risks.

For information, contact elahr@chpberkshires.org or jessica@rural-recovery.org.

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