Mission Moment: Helping a Family Stay Insured

Feb 8, 2021 | News, Newsletter Piece

Since relocating from North Carolina to Dalton 10 years ago, Mecca Brophy and her family have faced some challenges with job security and health insurance.

Through a food bank referral, Mecca found her way to CHP, where health insurance experts assist people in signing up for ACA insurance or Mass- Health, ushering them beyond health insurance access challenges.

Mission Moment Insurance Help

Mecca Brophy and William Cruz visit on a Zoom call


Mecca met with William Cruz, lead  certified patient navigator at CHP Neighborhood Health Center, and he’s since been the family’s go-to resource for staying insured.

“We made an instant connection, and William put me at ease when I was new to the area, worried about work and providing for our family, and he took the stress out of the health insurance scenario,” said Mecca. Her husband, Shaun, is a Dalton native. The couple has two children, 17 and 14.

Figuring out insurance options can be daunting—especially as online resources can be tough to decipher. Whenever there was a change in the Brophy family’s income, it had to be reported to the state, with possible health insurance implications. But William knew every nook and cranny of ACA plans, MassHealth, income issues, and more, and guided them with ease.

With his help, the family has had uninterrupted health coverage since 2011. Mecca has worked as a classroom paraprofessional and substitute teacher, but is now awaiting word on a steadier full-time job. Her husband, now a groundskeeper for a local school district, has insurance through his job, but MassHealth covers part of the monthly premium cost.

Now, Mecca and William exchange friendly talk about kids, COVID, and, of course, health insurance.

“We’ve been in good hands with insurance help from CHP, and from William,” said Mecca. “And now I consider him a friend.”


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