Existing Patients

Your health and well-being is important to us. At CHP, our goal is to provide everyone with the best possible care. With a broad selection of services – from dental health and pediatrics, to behavioral health and nutrition — we treat most conditions, and coordinate other care you may require. Our clinicians are committed to team based care and you are part of that team.

Patient Portal

Here you have direct and secure access to view appointments, update demographic information and view your personal health record including labs, diagnostic radiology reports, medication list, problem list, etc.

Make an Appointment

Call your medical or dental office today to schedule an appointment. CHP utilizes both voice and text automated reminders, so be sure your portal information is up to date. Click Here for a list of locations.

• In-person appointments

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment. This will allow plenty of time to update your information if needed. Many insurance companies require that you pay a co-payment for each office visit. Be prepared to pay your co-pay prior to being seen. Feel free to bring in a written list of symptoms or questions if you are experiencing a change in your condition or have new symptoms.

CHP continues to observe masking and social distancing protocol.  Please follow any guidelines given to you by CHP staff, wear a mask upon entering the building.  Our staff too will be masked,  will be cleaning and sanitizing continuously between appointments and at the end of each workday, and will be following strict safety guidelines as required.

• Telemedicine

Telemedicine is an approach to medicine that allows patients to seek diagnosis and treatment remotely over a phone call or video conference. CHP clinicians have access to your medical history during your appointment. This will help them make the right diagnosis and prescribe the right recommendations for you. While some conditions require in-person attention, telemedicine helps patients with a wide range of mild and severe ailments. When you call the office to schedule an appointment, an assessment of whether an in-person or video option is right for you.

Medication refills

If you need a medication refill, please call your pharmacy to make the request. The pharmacy will send a request to your PCP. If you have not been seen by your care team recently, you may be contacted to schedule an appointment so your PCP can monitor how the medication is working for you and ensure you are not experiencing any dangerous side-effects.

Controlled Substance Policy

Some physical and behavioral health conditions are best treated with medications that are considered controlled substances. Because of widespread problems in our community with the misuse of some of these medications and because controlled substances carry health risks, we have a strict policy about how we prescribe them that applies to all patients of the health center. Your provider may not prescribe controlled substances until she or he has had a chance to fully evaluate your health status and determine if the medication is an appropriate treatment for you.


If you need a referral to see a specialist, please make the request through the Patient Portal or by contacting your practice. We will need your name, date of birth, phone number, the specialist doctor’s name, the doctor’s specialty, and the reason for your visit.

After-hours access

We offer 24-hour phone access for medical advice when we are not open. Simply call our offices and select the prompt to be connected to our answering service. After-business hours answering service staff can connect you to a nurse if you have a medical question or need advice. In case of emergency, call 911.

Health insurance

If you change or lose your health insurance, please contact our office and we will update your new insurance information or arrange for assistance to help you re-apply. Please do not miss an appointment because of an insurance issue — we are here to help!


If you have questions regarding your bill, please contact one of the patient service representatives through our Contact US online form. Click Here. Identify your area of concern and practice location.

Massachusetts Patient Bill of Rights

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