CHP Mobile Health: Offering Workplace Visits for Boosters & Vaccines

Jan 25, 2023 | News

Schedule Your CHP Mobile Health Workplace Visit!

CHP Mobile Health now offers workplace visits for employers interested in promoting Covid-19 boosters and vaccines. CHP Mobile Health services also include routine health screenings, blood pressure checks, and minor sick visits.

“We understand many people have booster fatigue, Covid fatigue and want to put pandemic matters behind us,” said … but “But Covid-19 variants are still on the move and aren’t going away.”

Booster shots reduce serious illness from Covid-19 variants, shorten the amount of lost time from work and can even prevent Covid-19 in some people and reduce the spread of illness.

CHP, with its Mobile Health van and experienced team of clinicians, is working to improve vaccination and booster uptake in Berkshire County, which has the lowest full vaccination rate in the state. Adding employer locations to its weekly roadmap will help to reach people who may find it inconvenient or difficult to get vaccines or boosters during the work day.

For further information or to schedule your visit, contact us at (413) 528-0457.



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