CEO Message: There is power in numbers when we all step up.

May 28, 2021 | News

Lia Spiliotes head shot

Lia Spiliotes

What a year it has been! As we reconnect with family and friends, we are all humbled by how Covid-19 has changed our experience and response to serious, contagious disease, and how as a region, we truly support each other in time of need.

At CHP, we are so grateful for the support this community has shown us, as we, in turn, support our community. Restrictions are easing because so many of us are choosing vaccination and we are now experiencing the power of numbers: the more people who step up for vaccination, the faster we can achieve community immunity.

And we are not alone. Our Berkshire Vaccine Collaborative, CHP’s Mobile Health Unit, area pharmacies and others are united in advocating for immunity against this disease. Your support has enhanced CHP’s role in this collaboration, allowing our Mobile Health team to go out and vaccinate some of our most vulnerable friends and neighbors. Since January our team has vaccinated over 3,000 people.

Your Covid response, as donors, has been overwhelmingly generous. Your gifts boost our food security programs, our vaccination efforts, critical support for families, and much more. The economic toll of COVID runs deep and CHP will be here for the long haul, for anyone who needs us. We thank you for your generosity, past, present and future.

With your further support, we can set an example in the Berkshires. Let’s put Covid behind us.

Lia Spiliotes

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