CEO Message Spring 2022

May 23, 2022 | Newsletter Piece

Lia Spiliotes

Greetings Friends,

Resilience is the capacity to recover from difficulty, the ability to stand up after being knocked down. The past two-plus years have raised hard tests of our resilience. We witnessed and participated in a pandemic crisis that has taken nearly a million U.S. lives, exposed shameful inequities in our healthcare system, tested our frontline workers and shifted our economy. At times it felt overwhelming, sad and isolating .

But resilience has brought vaccinations, new treatments for Covid-19, improvements in telemedicine and more wisdom about how to respond to a sweeping viral illness. Resilience has helped us to focus more sharply on how to be better stewards of our community’s health and wellness.

We are attracting more and more employees who want to work. with us. We have launched the #CHPSmile project, to expand dental care access in the Berkshires. We are building a “food depot” in Great Barrington to help us better manage our food security programs.

Snapping back from a knock-down is no simple matter. There can be stumbles and setbacks, mistakes and missteps–one-step forward, two steps back.

At CHP, we are now several healthy steps forward, thanks to our community of partners and friends. Your own resilience and confidence has helped us take these steps forward. We thank you for your partnership in our community’s health and well-being.


Lia Spiliotes, CEO

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