Making a Difference: Care Coordinator Kornelia Krzyzanowska

Nov 9, 2022 | News, Newsletter Piece

At CHP, sometimes, our work isn’t done when the exam is over. Some patients need extra support to achieve better health and wellness. 

As Care Coordinator at CHP Great Barrington Health Center, Kornelia Krzyzanowska, RN, BSN, is focused on making sure children in particular (and their parents) have this follow-up support. 

As a member of the South Berkshire Collaborative Care Team, Kornelia is wired into a network of specialists, community resources, schools and medical care professionals focused on children’s well-being—especially their mental health. 

“Kornelia has been a treasured team member, forging a path of care we have not yet had for children,” said Dr. Lara Setti, CHP Great Barrington’s clinical site lead. “Her work has improved outcomes for these children and families.

She has been relentless in her pursuit of identifying and implementing ideal medical and community support services for our families through compassionate, holistic care and creative problem-solving.”

CHP is grateful to Kornelia for her tireless work supporting the health and
wellness of children and families in our community. 

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