“Each playgroup has it’s own distinct flavor, just like ice cream!  Try them all and see which is right for you!”

CHP runs free weekly playgroups for children under age five and their parents in seven rural towns from Sheffield and New Marlborough to Lenox and West Stockbridge. Check times, days and locations on our calendar or call 413-528-0457.

Playgroups are good for kids AND parents.  In an informal setting, parents socialize and discuss the challenges of being a parent. Playgroups also offer opportunities for parents to learn ways to help their children build skills they will need for a lifetime of success.

In addition to scheduled playgroups, families are encouraged to make use of the playroom with age-appropriate toys and to take advantage of activities for parents offered at Family ServicesThe playroom is available for children, parents, and caregivers to enjoy weekdays during business hours, unless there is a scheduled event.

Quality pre-kindergarten experiences have long lasting positive impacts on a child’s future.  Early education prepares children for school and help to close the achievement gap.  Long term, there’s evidence that “early childhood education promotes healthy lifestyles at work and productivity later in life.

These benefits are possible during a short window of opportunity—the first five years of a child’s life.  During this time, critical brain development takes place at a rate and complexity that is unequaled later on.  As children play and interact with other children, they forge the essential pathways in their brain for learning, language, empathy, creativity, and physical coordination.

At CHP, our playgroups can play a part in this important time of your child’s development.


Kim Waterman Spitzer
Playgroup Coordinator

Information: 413-528-0457