Mission Moment Fall 2020: Health Care at Adams Hometown Market

Nov 10, 2020 | News, Newsletter Piece

Our Community: Special Deal at Adams Hometown Market: Health Care

The Adams Hometown Market has something extra to offer: health care.

On Wednesdays from 1-4 p.m., the Adams Hometown Market sets aside a parking lot area for BOB, the big orange bus, staffed by CHP clinicians and program staff. Visitors can be seen for a flu shot, sick visit, blood pressure check, or other concerns.

“This the busiest location for our rolling operation. We’re seeing over 30 people every week,” says Katie Race, coordinator of the MHU operation, which makes stops at other Berkshire destinations on weekdays.

But the CHP staff is doing more: each visitor is asked if he or she is having trouble affording groceries or facing other challenges. If so, the CHP team makes referrals for health insurance information, social services, food banks, and other resources. And thanks to donor support, we also offer gift cards to the Adams Hometown Market.

“I feel we’re doing a great justice by having the van here for flu shots, checkups, and other things people may need checking out,” said Robert Pytko, store manager. “Being a community partner is what Hometown Market is all about.”

People in town have been health conscious and following COVID-19 protocols, and generally keeping an upbeat spirit. “It’s not doom and gloom around here,” he said.

The MHU is at the market every Wednesday, 1-4 p.m. Appointments are not required but anyone with questions or preferring to reserve a visit time can call (413) 429-2945.

Visitors don’t need to be CHP patients to receive care.

The two rolling health units are key tools in our effort to go where people are already congregating or passing through, in order to provide easy, street-level access to health care and community resources.

“The Adams Police offered to provide rides to some people without transportation, so we have been able to help even more people,” said Katie. “This is a great community effort.”

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