Get to Know Your Medical Record with CHP’s Patient Portal

At CHP, 5,000  patients have signed up to review their own confidential medical record online. If you haven’t yet done so, here are all the reasons why you can benefit from this online access.

  • Open24-7You can view an online chart comparing your vital signs from today’s appointment to earlier results. Wow — I’d love to see that!
  • You can sign up for text or email reminders of your appointments. Very handy, since I only use a cell phone. 
  • If you have a new diagnosis and need more information, you can search CHP’s reliable health information without getting lost on the web. What a time saver! 
  • Review your medical record, lab tests results and more, without having to call the office. Now THAT’S convenient!
  • You can share your medical records directly with other providers. You mean I can manage that myself?

Sign up for the Patient Portal at your Primary Care office, or log on to

CHP Portal Graph