Obesity Medicine: WAMC Talks With CHP’s Dr. Chi Cheung

Posted: September 21, 2016

Dr Cheung obesity specialist
Dr. Cheung with Alan Chartock on WAMC

Dr. Chi Cheung, internal medicine and obesity specialist with CHP Adams Internists, was a guest on WAMC’s “Medical Monday” on Sept. 19, speaking on the topic of obesity medicine.

In 2015, Dr. Cheung earned board certification in obesity, to better care for his patients facing issues with weight management and the adverse effects of obesity — diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and other issues. On Monday he and “Medical Monday” host Alan Chartock talked about a broad range of topics from the health benefits of modest exercise and gluten-free eating, to gastric bypass surgery and the role of sugar in today’s food culture.

Listen in to Dr. Cheung — and share.

Dr. Cheung with Alan Chartock
Dr. Cheung


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