Insured or Uninsured

CHP serves all income levels and accepts MassHealth, Medicare together with more than 100 private insurance plans. No one is denied health care because of an inability to pay. CHP does require everyone who wants financial assistance to apply for all state and federal programs for which they are eligible and pay some amount – however small – that they can afford.

Affordable Care Act

Massachusetts was the first state in the US to require its residents to have health insurance. Starting October 1, 2013 the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will be in place and will require all residents to have health insurance, but there are some changes—even in this state. The ACA will expand Medicaid and create a Health Insurance Marketplace where anyone who doesn’t already have health insurance through an employer can compare and choose from Qualified Health Plans (QHPs).

Qualified Health Plans must supply certain baselines of coverage (click here for more information). For instance, it is already against the law to deny health insurance coverage to a child who has a pre-existing medical condition.

The ACA helps low and moderate income people, who don’t have health insurance through their employer, afford health insurance coverage. Eligibility is based on a combination of income, age, and household size.

  • Eligibility is based on federal income guidelines. Households that fall within the chart below are eligible for health care subsidies.
Income Guidelines for Health Insurance Subsidies**
Household Size




































  • Children can be eligible for more assistance than their parents.
  • Family members may have different insurance plans.

** Exceptions are senior citizens and undocumented individuals. For additional information, on these guidelines, click here.

CHP will assist you with each step of this process.

CHP’s Certified Application Counselors can assist you with your applications for government subsidized health insurance, such as MassHealth or new options now available through Massachusetts Health Connector. They will help you choose the right health insurance plan to meet your family needs.

Get help with insurance enrollment now. Schedule an appointment with a Certified Application Counselor, contact the closest health center.

Neighborhood Health Center, Pittsfield

Lee Family Practice, Lee

Great Barrington Health Center

Dental Center, Great Barrington

OB/GYN, Great Barrington

The easiest way to qualify for subsidies for health insurance is to have current income tax filings. To make it easier for residents to transition to the ACA, CHP has worked with Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Berkshire Community College, and the IRS to expand the Volunteer Tax Assistance Program. This assistance is free. It is available to ANYONE making less than $51,000 a year.

Click here to download a list of resources in your area.


CHP’s Spanish interpreters are certified in medical translation. They can also help with referrals to medical specialists and dealing with health insurance companies.

CHP’s health care providers speak Spanish, French, Arabic, Lebanese, German, and Russian. Medical residents in at Neighborhood Health Center in Pittsfield have fluencies in Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Portuguese, and Chinese.

For non-English speaking patients who do not speak Spanish, CHP uses a telephone interpreter service to ensure effective communication.