I am CHP


In 2006, Tara’s primary care physician at CHP encouraged her to get a mammogram. After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, her CHP doctor assisted her in finding a surgeon at UMass Worcester that she could trust. Many women (and men) like Tara need medical help but find that private practices turn them away because they have state health insurance.

In Tara’s own words, “I am grateful to be alive today, thanks to having access to quality health care… I can’t say enough about CHP’s amazing medical team.”

testimonial2George Ball

George Ball is fortunate to have good health insurance and chose CHP and Kathleen Floyd, FNP, as his primary care provider.

In his own words,  “Everyone here is so friendly… I realize I’ve been blessed with a good life and choices … I like the fact that CHP provides the same high-quality care to people who don’t have insurance. CHP is very important to the community, and I feel good that my choice to come to the Health Center helps others.”

testimonial4Chris and Tereza

In 2011, Chris and Tereza became first-time parents to their daughter Nicolette. In order to find the right pediatrician for their new family, they sought the opinions of trusted friends and co-workers. That counsel brought them to Community Health Programs. That was many years ago, and now they regularly attend many of CHP’s area playgroups as well as parenting workshops.  CHP’s playgroups bring together parents and children in a safe, secure setting overseen by trained playgroup leaders.