Referral, Resources

and Collaborations

Berkshire Community Action Council

Berkshire Community Action Council – Anti-Poverty Agency

Berkshire County Head Start

Berkshire County Head Start – Pre-school programs

Berkshire County Transportation Guide

Booklet with information on available transportation services in Berkshire County: bus, train, taxi, limo, elders only, veterans, etc.

BMC HealthNet Plan

BMC HealthNet Plan – Insurance

NE Farm Workers’ Council

NE Farm Workers’ Council – Childcare Vouchers

Postpartum Support International

Information about Postpartum Depression issues and treatment

Preschool Enrichment Team

Preschool Enrichment Team & Childcare Information

Safelink Wireless

Safelink Wireless – Free Emergency Phone

SNAP program

SNAP program – Food Stamps

South Berkshire Kids

South Berkshire Kids works to support all families in south Berkshire County in their efforts to ensure the healthy social, cognitive, physical and emotional development of their young children.

The Children’s Trust Fund

The Children’s Trust Fund – Parenting Resource