CHP+Berkshire Baby Box=Healthy Babies

Posted: November 17, 2016

Community Health Programs has teamed up with Berkshire Baby Box to promote safe-sleep and new parent outreach, with hopes of ensuring healthy babies and families.

Since June 2016 CHP’s Family Services team has been hosting monthly Baby Box workshops, for women in their third trimester of pregnancy. These moms-to-be are invited to attend a gathering where they meet the CHP Family Services team, connect with other pregnant moms and learn about family support services that promote healthy babies and families. And each mom leaves the workshop with a Baby Box filled with helpful gifts and childcare supplies.

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The Berkshire program builds on a program begun in Finland, where millions of new babies sleep in safe, durable boxes. The Baby Box initiative is now spreading around the world as a means of promoting safe sleep and preventing sleep-related infant deaths.

And there is another goal for the Berkshire nonprofit version of the initiative: Berkshire Baby Box Founder Hinda Bodinger was inspired to bring the safe sleep message to immigrant families, as a way of welcoming newcomers to the community. She had been dismayed with presidential campaign rhetoric that was hostile to immigrants, and she wanted to take action. Reaching out to pregnant moms, and helping connect them with other young mothers, was a first step. CHP has been a front-line partner in the effort, with bilingual staff among its family services and medical practices.

At a countywide launch party for Berkshire Baby Box, CHP’s Interim CEO Lia Spiliotes remarked, “Berkshire Baby Box is a kind, constructive and inclusive program that helps us prepare and support young parents in their future as successful moms and dads. It’s one of the small but important things we can do to make our community and its families stronger.”

To sign up for a Berkshire Baby Box workshop at CHP, contact CHP Family Services, 413.528.0457.

To learn more about Berkshire Baby Box, visit the website


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